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"Another scene-stealer of note is Gene Taylor who appears as the barber. While his cameo in this role is brief, Taylor gives a rousing rendition of Barber's Song and has all eyes on him with his facial and physical antics during Golden Helmet of Mambrino."

- Lyric Opera House, Washington, DC

Telling stories – mine or someone else’s – is my calling. That’s what life is about. There’s a story in everything. It’s hard to explain the joy of being able to emote and create a new world out of thin air. So I sing, and write, and act.  I literally can’t imagine doing anything else. Music and words and bring people together, changing both the storyteller and the audience. In olden times I think I would have been a traveling bard.


I love acting because there’s something transformative about going into a character and finding yourself within that character and being ok with finding yourself there – not only for the audience but for me, too. Musical Theatre is wonderful because of the quirkiness of merging dialogue into a song. It’s like a blatant demand to suspend reality. There’s so much joy in being part of that. And Rock? When words fail me, I use music. Feeling the guitar and the bass and the drum literally going through my body, singing my songs onstage – there’s so much power in that.


You have to train hard to get there, and maybe that’s the best part. Every day I learn something new, and every day I get better. It’s not about reaching an end goal – the work is paramount. I hate the term, but honestly, it’s about the journey.


"Gene Taylor not only sang Stand By Me with the passion of a classic soul singer, but also played the harmonica with skills that would remind many of John Popper of the Blues Travelers."

- College Hill News, Sussex, NJ



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